storytelling for success

Storytelling in presentations is the backbone of a memorable and compelling message. A message that will drive decision making long after your team finished sharing their ideas.


And you can tell a story with any content. Even with data heavy one. Because not only intrinsically cool content can be used for storytelling. Content full of technical details and numbers can tell a great story too.


This training goes way beyond the usual hero’s journey approach. It can be tailored to the needs of your team and industry and it teaches them what makes a story and how to create one from any content. By the end of the training, your team will be able to

  • understand the principles of a good story

  • analyse their audience so that their presentation is relevant and grabs the audience’s attention from the very beginning

  • maintain audience attention levels high throughout the presentation

  • create a story from your field specific content

  • use linguistic techniques to formulate messages that will resonate longer

  • end their presentations with a memorable message that drives decisions

  • leave behind material (not your slides) that will make remembering and retelling your compelling story easier for those who attended the presentation (your would be surprised how much this improves selling an idea or product)


Contact me to see how this can work for your team.
Help them help your company reach new heights.

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