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One on one

Become unstoppable at leading through powerful public speaking

I will personally coach and mentor you so that you become the leader everybody looks up to because of your skill to drive decisions by touching people's hearts and minds.

Do you feel

  • you need to be able to win more support for your suggestions to become the leader you wish to be?

  • your presentations are not effective in swaying decisions in your favour?

  • you have a lot of ideas to contribute but are not sure how to share them?

  • your approach to presenting ideas is very technical?

  • you lack the confidence to speak up in meetings and share your ideas?

  • you need support when having to speak on behalf of your organisation at national or international events?

  • you are unable to win the support for your ideas that they merit based on their depth and insight?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then what you need is to learn how to speak in public and present based on how the brain functions, because it's our grey matter that controls both our rational thinking and emotions (the latter through our biochemistry). And all decisions are made based on fact-driven thinking, feelings, or most often a combination of both. Even in the case of people who believe they only decide rationally. (Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize in 2002 for his work on proving this.)​


So if you learn how to share your ideas in public in a way that strategically affects both your audience's rational mind and their hearts, you will not only become a leader who drives decisions, but also someone who will have the confidence to speak up because you will know exactly what to do to give yourself the best chance at your audience deciding in your favour.

How can you master this powerful skill?

Through one-on-one brain-friendly presentations mentoring, in which I will teach you how to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your audience's needs, decision biases and wants, so that you can turn these potential liabilities into advantages,

  • Root your presentations in your audience's needs, rather than in your own thinking, which is the key for every successful speech,

  • Grab their audience's attention at the beginning of their presentation and keep them engaged and thus keep the attention level high throughout the presentation, even when talking about very technical topics or presenting data,

  • Create the logic of your talk and add the emotions to it to nudge your audience towards the decision you want them to take,

  • Always come up with the best decision driving tool which is just right for the occasion,

  • Present data strategically to make it memorable and drive decisions with it, even emotional ones,

  • Own the stage using body language, your voice and speed of delivery,

  • Feel confident and radiate this confidence through body language,

  • Build trust with your audience, which is the basis for every decision in your favour,

  • Support your verbal message visually (with slides and in other ways) to make a lasting impression on your audience,

  • Avoid the biggest slides-related mistakes, which distract audiences from the verbal message in 98% of all presentations globally, without either the speaker or the audience being unaware of it (I measure it regularly),

  • So all the above both face to face and online, fully based on how the brain receives, processes and remembers information.

Client journeys -- Unstoppable leaders and public speakers

Patricia Alessandra 
Morita Sakowski

Patricia Alessandra Morita Sakowski.png

Patricia, who was the Deputy Chief Economist at the Brazilian competition authority (Cade) when she started the one-on-one presentation skills mentoring and became a Deputy Superintendent during it, was already an experienced presenter who spoke regularly to national and international audiences.


Still, the mentoring sessions further improved how she presented by helping her make her slides and how she uses them to support her verbal message brain-friendly. Patricia also learned how to grab her audience's attention at the very beginning of her talk more effectively, how to support her message with body language in a brain-friendly way to build more trust and how to use stories strategically to keep attention levels high and make her message and talks more memorable.


The improvements did not go unnoticed. Her colleagues mentioned her presentations as examples of excellent speeches, whose quality they would like to emulate in their own public speaking.

Patricia said the following about Akos's work: "Communication is one of the most powerful tools to turn our thoughts into action, yet it is often not used to its full potential. Akos's coaching has been paramount to help me make better use of this tool, refine my message and its delivery, and improve my overall communication skills. By assisting in the preparation and evaluation of my presentations, he has helped me make my speeches and thus myself more impactful."

Pilar Perez


Pilar Perez, a lawyer and the head of compliance and HR at a Rio de Janeiro based asset management firm, sought my help because she wanted to feel more confident when speaking in public and be able to better drive the decisions her coworkers were making based on her presentations.


She felt that being confident in the limelight and delivering highly engaging presentations was a talent some people were born with and that, while she could do a reasonably good job, she may not have been a natural stage person. Pilar also wanted to improve at public speaking because she understood good communication is a key work-related skill.

As a result of our work, her colleagues commented on the quality of her presentations and how much more natural she was on stage. Pilar felt more confident to deliver her regular presentations and training sessions for the whole company.

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