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You need to speak at a high-stakes event?

Own the room like a leader in ascent.

High stakes -- high stress. And huge opportunities. To reduce the stress and make the most of your chances, I will help you prepare a winning presentation and coach you how to deliver it. Audience enchantment guaranteed.

If an important speaking opportunity is coming up and 

  • you feel you wish to touch your audience's hearts and minds and drive their decisions,

  • you want to make a highly positive impression on your audience so that they remember you and your talk long after you left the room,

  • you would like to increase your company's and your own visibility in your industry and beyond it,

  • you wish to make sure you do the above with the help of an expert that has done it for multiple clients who spoke to highly critical and discerning international audiences, you are at the right place.

Together with you, I will shape your content into an impactful presentation by starting it with a tailored attention grabber with which you will raise your audience's attention high from the very beginning. Then we will add strategic elements to your talk so that you build trust with, create positive emotions in and appeal to the rational thinking of your audience and/or decision makers. All the above will be based on how the intuitive brain reacts in presentations, what kind of storytelling creates what kind of emotions in the human brain and how your audience makes conscious unconscious and decisions. I will also help you formulate your message using tried and tested scientifically proven methods to make it stick in your audience's minds way after you left the room, which is when decisions are made.


Once we finish creating the content and the storytelling, I design your brain-friendly slides so that they don't distract from the message, which over 98% of slides in presentations do, but support it and add to the memorability of your message.


Finally, I will train and coach you how to deliver your talk with the stage presence, charisma and confidence of a true leader.

What is the result?

The kind of talk that

  • most people dream of giving, but are never able to design and deliver.

  • establishes and grows your and your company's reputation in your industry.

  • will be remembered for the impact it made for a long time.

  • wins deals, contributes to promotions and demonstrates leadership.

Client journeys -- Unstoppable leaders and public speakers

Vinicius Marques de Carvalho

President, Brazilian competition authority  (2012-2016)


Vinicius Marques de Carvalho, the president of the Brazilian competition authority (Cade) between 2012 and 2016, was invited to present at Yale, New York University and the New York State Bar Association in early 2016 based on the outstanding results his organisation produced during his mandate. He asked Ákos Gerold and Justine Arena to help him create three outstanding presentations he would deliver at these institutions explaining how Cade rose from being a very average competition watchdog to becoming one of the leading antitrust authorities in the world and winning the title of best antitrust authority in the Americas twice in three years.

Ákos shaped Vinicius's content into three compelling, captivating and memorable presentations that won accolades from the audience. The presentation Vinicius gave at Yale also helped him be selected for the Yale Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program.

Watch what he said about the work Ákos and Justine had done to help him craft and deliver outstanding presentations at the above institutions.

Vicente César da Silva

CEO, Castelo Forte; with Justine Arena and Ákos Gerold


Despite being the CEO of Castelo Forte, a network in home centres in Brazil, for many years, Vicente César da Silva had always feared speaking in public and avoided it like the plague. Then one day in 2019 he was invited to give a short keynote speech and be one of the panelists at an international event in Panama attended by 200-300 managers and leaders from his industry, coming from 20 different countries. To his managers' and family's surprise, he decided to face his fear and rise to the challenge.

Due to having to present and also take part in a panel discussion, apart from preparing his talk and slides and training him how to deliver the presentation like a true leader, we also had to help him overcome his debilitating fear of speaking in public and teach him how to answer questions with confidence and by giving memorable replies as a panelist.

We took him from zero to hero in only two and a half months (remember, he had had no prior public speaking experience whatsoever). To help him get used to the pressure of performing in front of an audience, we first organised a small and at the end a larger even where he delivered his speech, answered questions and got feedback on his performance.

When the day of the event came, on his 47th birthday, he delivered his talk confidently, connected with the audience and owned the room like none of the other five panelists and keynote speakers did, all of whom had considerably more public speaking experience.

Watch below how he described the journey at the end of the larger practice event, which took place about a week before he gave his short keynote and took part in the panel. He talks about how the consultancy changed some of the views he had had about public speaking based on observing other present, the methodology Ákos Gerold and Justine Arena used and how he managed to overcome his fear of public speaking and felt ready to present in a high-stakes situation. On the day, he outshone all the other speakers who had had a lot more experience.

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