Being able to read and understand your coworkers' communication styles can help you explain ideas in a way that will resonate with them better.


Your message will remain the one you intend to communicate. But adjusting how you communicate it to their individual style will significantly decrease the potential for conflict and will make everyone’s life easier.

When trying to win support for an idea in a presentation, the same kinds of adjustment to the decision maker’s communication style will raise your chances of a positive outcome.

All you need to learn is how to read and interpret some behavioural signs using the DiSC model.

By the end of the individual DiSC mentoring, you will

  • understand the drivers behind different communication styles​

  • find out what your communication style is

  • be able to identify other people’s communication styles based on observing their behaviour for a short time

  • learn how to adjust to your interlocutors’ communication styles to get more support for your ideas, build better relationships and minimise conflicts

  • be able to adjust your presentation structure, length and style to make your message resonate with the decision maker’s communication style and this sell your ideas

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