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If your team uses slides the same way as 95% of all presenters globally, then they are not selling their ideas well enough. And they are not aware of it.

How do I know? Because I measure regularly how the traditional use of slides distracts from the verbal message.

And 70-90% of audiences fail to register full sentences presenters say. Without noticing these lapses.

The culprit is how slides, even slides created by designers, are used in most companies. The same way they have been used for decades.

But we are in the 21st century. We know much better. It’s time to upgrade how your team supports their storytelling with brain-friendly slides, which add the power of neuroscience to their visuals.

The result? The storytelling in your presentations gets the visual wings it deserves. The message is remembered much longer. Long enough to make a difference when the decision is made days after your team members left the room.


This training can be customised to the needs of your team and industry to help your team members, including the ones designing your slides, make their visuals brain-friendly. The training

  • helps your presenters experience why the current use of slides distracts so much from the verbal message and thus the storytelling

  • teaches your team what the principles of brain-friendly slides and delivery are

  • shows them how to use some simple art principles to make their slides more harmonious

  • practices brain-friendly slide design to make sure your team is able to put all the above into action in your specific field on a consistent basis

  • practices brain-friendly delivery so that your presenters sell their ideas better than 95% of other speakers and improve your bottom line

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