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Brain-Friendly Presentations

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drive decisions in your favour.

Supporting you in person and online since 2014.

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I didn't see it coming. After presenting regularly at international events for several years, I thought I was a good speaker. I had been doing much the same as everyone else and the feedback had been very positive.

But then, by accident, I came across a video that changed my world. I understood that how I and most other public speakers presented completely neglected the brain's deeply rooted limitations. The same practices also prevented us from turning into an advantage what the brain reacts positively to.


We were copying each other's ill-informed techniques, unaware of how counter-effective they were. We were all leaving money on the table. We were all falling short of our full potential to drive decisions and lead. Because nobody can be a leader without being a powerful public speaker.


So I dived into studying how to present based on how the brain makes instinctive, rational and emotional decisions — the keys to speaking to your audience's hearts and minds.


I found that despite the brain-friendly approach to presenting being rooted in serious science and being incomparably more effective than the "old school" one, over 90% of managers still present as I used to. They are just not aware that public speaking can be so much more powerful than what they are practicing. Consequently, they lack the speaking skills they need to lead.


This is why my mission is to help you speak in public with the power, confidence and conviction of a leader so that you could drive decisions in your favour. This is why I help turn managers into leaders by growing them into powerful public speakers.

Overview of services

How I Can

Help You

To meet your needs best, our conversation always starts with understanding you, your business and how I can help you and/or your team speak in public and present like a true leader.

All of the below solutions are rooted in how the brain receives, processes and remembers information in presentations. This is why I call it Brain-Friendly Presenting or Speaking. The structure of your talk, your slides and your delivery, i.e. the use of body language, pauses, intonation, etc, will all be based on how the brain functions.


Why is this immensely powerful? Because our brain controls our rational thinking and, through our biochemistry, our emotions too. So if you know how to speak to the brains of your audience, you will be able to touch their hearts and minds. And that's the ultimate way to drive decisions in your favour and win support. That is how a leader speaks.

I deliver all the below solutions in English, German, Portuguese, Hungarian and Serbian, either in person or online.



If you are an organisation and are looking to support a group of your managers or trainee managers in becoming better leaders by speaking powerfully and confidently, the tailored corporate group training is the best solution for you.

The content of the training is always tailored to your company's and your industry's specific needs and your team will receive public speaking and presentation related support beyond the face-to-face or online training itself.



If you prefer to receive individual, bespoke guidance on your journey to speaking like a leader, the one-on-one mentoring is what I would advise you to opt for.

The end result is that you will be able to prepare your own talks and presentations based on how the brain functions and deliver them with confidence and power in any situation.



In case you have a high-stake speaking event coming up and you need to deliver an outstanding presentation, what will get you there is the consultancy. In it, I will shape your content into a powerful presentation your audience will remember long after the event and I will train you how to deliver it like a leader who owns the room.

The consultancy is different from the one-on-one mentoring in that it prepares you for a single, usually very important, speech or presentation, rather than teaches you all the ins and outs of brain-friendly, powerful public speaking. It's also shorter and more intensive than the one-on-one mentoring.


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