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We have years of experience in providing all our services at a distance.



As a child, I fell in love with stories while being read to.

After I got my first camera, the cameraman father of a friend introduced me to visual storytelling.

Now, I help you tell stories with your presentations, slides and websites so that you can grow your business, sell your ideas and products and drive decisions.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing.


How I Can

Help You

To meet your needs best, our conversations always start with understanding you, your business and how I can help you grow. Depending on whether you are a company or an individual looking to tell your story, make an impact and grow your business, we will tailor and co-create what we do to help you go beyond your expectations.​

All services can be delivered in English, German, Portuguese, Hungarian and Serbian. As I divide my time between Europe and Brazil, we can work together either in person or online.



brain-friendly slides

The way 95% of presenters use slides hurts their ability to get buy-in, sell and help their companies grow.

How do I know? Because I measure regularly how the traditional use of slides distracts from the verbal message and the storytelling.

Use brain-friendly slides in your presentations to add the power of neuroscience to your visual message.

storytelling for success

Decisions are made after the presenter leaves the room. So how can your team’s presentations drive the decisions affecting your business long after finishing a talk?

By using storytelling that will etch your message into the decision makers' minds and nudge them in the right direction long after your team has left. And you can tell such a memorable story with any content. Even with data heavy or technical one. 

connect and captivate

What is the key for audience buy-in in a presentation? Trust.


How can your team build trust with your target audiences and grow your business?

By using the same body language and verbal delivery techniques that make the most viral TED talks resonate with millions.​

Corporate consultancy

When you or your team needs to present and the stakes are very high, you may want us to co-create the presentation with and for you.


We can craft the storytelling and the brain-friendly slides that will drive your audience's decisions beyond the presentation. And we will be happy to train you or your team to deliver it with flair, while building trust with the people in the room.


one on one

presentation mentoring

If your position requires you to give presentations, then your career depends on your skill to win people over. As any skill, moving people to action is best developed through mentoring tailored to your specific needs.

Having an experienced mentor guide you through all the intricacies of delivering presentations in your specific field will set you up for career growth.​

one on one consultancy

When you need to deliver an important presentation, you may want us to develop the presentation with and for you.


We can co-create the storytelling and the brain-friendly slides that will increse your audience's buy-in beyond the presentation. And I will be happy to train you to build trust with your audience.

communication wizard

Imagine you could talk to your boss, colleagues or employees in a way that would increase their support for your ideas and reduce conflict.


What if you could also tailor your presentations to the decision makers’s individual communication style to increase your chances of winning them over for your cause.


Actually, it’s possible and you can learn it quickly.


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